Food Industry

We advise on a broad spectrum of legal issues that may arise in any stage of food industry production, from farm to table: agriculture, processing and packaging, logistics, marketing and retail. Everything to do with food health and hygiene is highly regulated, and there are competition law and marketing issues to consider.

When is it legitimate to draw comparisons with a competitor’s product? Which rules apply for specific products? What claims can you make about the health or environmental benefits of a product? Food safety and product liability regulations, meanwhile, raise a variety of different issues, while the need to protect your intellectual property is an ever-present challenge.

For every step in this complex process, we have someone who understands the issues that matter. As one of the leading corporate firms in the Nordic region, we have a history of handling the region’s largest transactions. In the food sector, we have successfully defended several well-known brands in the industry.

It is perhaps in the more obscure areas of the sector where our expertise really sets us apart. A good example is in the growth area of products that combine medicinal and food elements. Our leading life sciences practice specialists and food industry experts advise on the nexus of issues confronting such products.