Development opportunities

Your development is our priority, our aim is to provide you with the best foundation for your future.

We invest in you

We provide you with all the tools you need to grow and develop. We support you to become the best version of yourself. Your journey at Roschier will be a long-lasting asset wherever your career takes you. We have a broad palette of learning possibilities and offer you extensive support in your career development by clearly defined expectations.

Individual career plan

To ensure your continuing professional development we have developed a thorough and transparent performance review process. The Roschier performance criteria are applicable on all employees, reflecting our values and clearly signaling the broad approach we take on performance.

The long- and short-term goals for your professional development are set up in discussions with your mentor. These goals and your specific professional role will be the foundation for the bi-annual performance review discussions, not only influencing the reward process but also giving a frame when identifying your next development focus.

On-the-job learning

Experience is best built by learning on the job. With us, you get to work on assignments that challenge you, make you go the extra mile and learn and grow as a professional.

We work with leading Fortune 500 companies and you will be involved in assignments that have an impact on international business and market development. As strategic partners to our clients, we transform legal complexities into solutions that matter and make a difference.

This is why we are proud to be able to offer you a work context of complex assignments, where you get to work with people who have years and years of experience. Your colleagues will help you develop and become the best version of yourself.

Roschier University

We have developed five-year learning curricula for our personnel that includes a learning offering, which helps you build your understanding of what we do for our clients and equip you with the professional skills you need to collaborate in your working context at Roschier. The focus is on project management, business understanding and human interaction skills. The training offering is delivered to you as live sessions in-class or over our digital learning platform, where we also offer a large percentage of the curriculum content in digital format.

The group of Roschier University faculty profiles include both Roschier’s experienced experts and professional trainers that work with us on a long-term basis.


To ensure that you get the best possible start of your career with us, and a proper introduction to the firm, you will take part in an onboarding program, consisting of a blend of individual support, in-person-gatherings and a digital learning offering.

You will get an introduction to the The Roschier Way: our way of working: as one firm, across countries, teams and areas of expertise. In everything we do, we strive for professionalism, honesty, inclusiveness, curiosity and dedication.

Furthermore, the onboarding helps you create a connection to the firm and the people you work with, to get a nuanced first understanding of advocacy and Roschier as a law firm, including our corporate values.


When starting at Roschier all employees get a tutor whose role is to support them in learning and navigating their new role and getting to know their team.

The tutor makes the newcomer feel at ease and comfortable during a time when they are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of new information and things to memorize and learn.

We have found that the tutoring system offers an invaluable opportunity for a newcomer to quickly build a trusted relationship with a colleague close to your own seniority.

Practice exchange

As you grow with us, you will get the chance to tailor your career by utilizing different practice exchange opportunities.  You will build your professional profile in close cooperation with your mentor, constantly broadening your experience and deepening your expertise.

This includes the possibility to rotate, for varying periods of time, to a practice area other than your own, in Helsinki and in Stockholm.

Another way of building your experience and network is by working at one of our client companies for a time. At the senior stage of your career, you may also decide to visit a foreign law firm. In addition, we offer the possibility, with certain predefined principles, to pursue postgraduate (LL.M., MBA, etc.) university degrees locally or abroad.

Join us – become the best version of yourself

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