Recent work | December 6, 2022

Roschier represented Bonnier News in its public offer for all shares in Readly

Bonnier News has announced a public offer of SEK 455 million to the shareholders of Readly and Roschier represents Bonnier News in the transaction.

The public offer tenders all shares in Readly at a price of SEK 12.00 in cash per share. Bonnier News has in order to facilitate and secure the continued success on markets outside the Nordic region entered an agreement with Cafeyn Group, a diversified media group primarily offering digital subscription services for unlimited access to a wide range of media, magazines and newspapers, with the intention that Cafeyn becomes the owner of the non-Nordic businesses of Readly, conditional upon the completion of the offer.

Bonnier News is the largest news media company in the Nordics with a total revenue of about SEK 10 billion and more than 2 million subscribers. Its platform includes everything from printed newspapers and magazines to digital news sites, breaking news, tv, podcasts and audio. Among the group’s over 200 brands are a range of Sweden’s largest and best-known newspapers.

Readly is a technology company operating a digital subscription service that offers unlimited “all-you-can-read” access to thousands of magazines and newspapers in one app. The shares in Readly are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Roschier’s main advisory team included Leo Lee, Malin Leffler, Jens Bengtsson, Johanna Bremdal, Fredrik Eriksson Oppliger, Sara Hill and Evelina Pettersson together with Kristian Hugmark, Emma Johansson, Sebastian Uddgren, Björn Johansson Heigis, John Park, Filippa Michelsson, and Peder Boström.