Data protection

Data Protection

Drawing on extensive experience of many heavily-regulated sectors and an in-depth knowledge of EU data protection legislation, our Data Protection team advises you on matters relating to data protection, privacy and cyber security. We regularly act both as global lead counsel and as local law experts.

In the current climate, larger amounts of information than ever before are being processed, stored, communicated and reproduced, putting data protection at the core of today’s digitalized world. Our lawyers can help you navigate the various legal issues surrounding personal data processing as the currency of social media and the fuel for new technologies. From big data to wearables, from the internet of things to profile-based advertising, our team is well equipped to advise you on how to take advantage of opportunities and tackle fast-changing legislation and risk.

Adapting swiftly to new legislation and taking the initiative in data protection compliance are clearly commercially advantageous, as the trend is shifting to making companies accountable for the full cycle of personal data processing. With extensive experience in advising clients operating in many sectors on complex data protection and privacy matters, we are in a strong position to support companies in an increasingly competitive business environment defined by digital solutions and globalization.

Roschier has significant market knowledge and in-depth experience across TMT, outsourcing, data protection and digitalisation matters. The Legal 500, IT and Telecoms

In addition to mastering the regulatory environment, our Data Protection practice offers cyber security law expertise to help companies prevent and respond to cyberattacks and data breaches. We are committed to operating at all times in a transparent, predictable manner, while actively seeking to adjust our working methods to best suit our clients and the projects.

  • Risk assessment and internal compliance audits for new and existing data processing tools and practices
  • Assistance in preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Internal training and consultation for data protection officers
  • Cross-border data transfers and compliance with changing requirements
  • Cyber risk management, prevention and response to cyber security threats and data breaches, including internal investigations and advice relating to the implementation of IT forensics
  • Day-to-day data protection management, including communication and notifications to authorities, privacy due diligence and tailor-made privacy policies and guidelines
  • Employee monitoring and whistleblowing
  • Compliance risk management for new technologies, including IoT and big data
  • Outsourcing and cloud service agreements
  • Consumer and marketing privacy, including loyalty programs, profiling and social media
  • Freedom of speech and information management matters
  • Specialist regulatory advice for highly-regulated sectors: health and patient data, credit information, employee data, electronic communication and telecommunications.

Roschier’s Data Protection practice is top-ranked by leading international independent legal directories, including Chambers Europe, The Legal 500 and Who’s Who Legal. The firm has also won several prestigious awards, including the following most recent awards:

  • Chambers Europe Awards: the Law Firm of the Year for Finland in 2020; and
  • Who’s Who Legal Awards: the Law Firm of the Year for Finland in 2019.

This is what clients say about us:

“I especially appreciate their business and IT industry acumen. They have an in-depth understanding of the industry and trends and have ideas on how to develop forward. A truly trusted partner in a complex global environment.”
– Chambers Europe 2020, TMT

“Very friendly and at the same time professional and passionate about their work. Genuinely interested in solving our problems.”
– The Legal 500 2020, IT and Telecoms

“Very good capabilities in terms of legal and IT-related issues and contract templates.”
– The Legal 500 2020, TMT

“Globally top-tier in their understanding of the field.”
– The Legal 500 2020, TMT

“Nice people with a very good culture.”
– The Legal 500 2020, IT and Telecoms

“Genuine interest in client’s business developments between assignments. Clear interface & contact.”
– The Legal 500 2020, TMT

“Roschier has the unique capability in attracting the best young talents in the country, and you can get amazing service from the younger partners and associates.”
– The Legal 500 2020, TMT

“Their client attention is one thing that stands out.”
– Chambers Europe 2020, TMT

“They put in the extra mile to understand the business.”
– Chambers Europe 2020, TMT

“The team understands commercial aspects and the realities of how one deals with technology; they combine first-class legal advice with strategic understanding.”
– Chambers Europe 2020, TMT

“Roschier has significant market knowledge and in-depth experience across TMT, outsourcing, data protection and digitalisation matters.” 
– The Legal 500 2019, IT and Telecoms

“Clients appreciate the team’s international capabilities as well as its good quality and flexible approach.” 
– Chambers Europe 2019, TMT

“A well-rounded and experienced team.” 
– Chambers Europe 2019, TMT

“They are proactive, thorough and detail-oriented in their work.” 
– Chambers Europe 2019, TMT

“The team is very impressive, with a great understanding of commercial aspects.” 
– Chambers Europe 2018, TMT

“They add a lot of value and provide a service based on a very good business understanding.” 
– Chambers Europe 2018, TMT

“They always work hard to understand our business priorities and the legal issues that matter most to us, and closely tailor their advice to that information.” 
– Chambers Europe 2018, TMT

“The team makes very good judgements between the legal and business sides and responds very quickly.” 
– Chambers Europe 2018, TMT

“Amazing passion to help their customers.” 
– Chambers Europe 2018, TMT