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In response to the era of technological advancement and data-driven societies, the EU has taken an ambitious and proactive step to create a comprehensive regulatory framework that fosters data economy while preserving and strengthening the core values of the EU. On this page, we provide an overview and more detailed insight into the new Regulations and Directives that are a part of the EU’s Digital Decade Strategy to help you navigate this complex landscape and understand its impact on your business.

European Rules for the Data Economy

The new European rules for the data economy comprising of legislation, known together as the “Big Five” legislative initiative, includes rules for platforms and digital services, use and sharing of personal and non-personal data, and use of artificial intelligence technologies. Below you will find an overview of the scope and main content of each of the Regulations and Directives that are part of these initiatives.

Use and Governance of Data

  • The EU has outlined its aim to create a “single market” and identified several issues in the prevailing state of affairs, regarding availability of data, imbalances in market powers, data interoperability and quality, data governance, and individuals’ access to their data.
  • As part of EU’s data strategy, the Data Governance Act and Data Act both address these issues by creating a framework for data governance, making more data available, and facilitating data sharing and access across sectors.

A European Approach to Artificial Intelligence

  • The legislative initiative of the AI package comprises two notable instruments, the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) and the Artificial Intelligence Liability Directive (AI Liability Directive).
  • By establishing new rules for artificial intelligence, both the AI Act and the AI Liability Directive will have a significant impact on AI technology industries across all sectors in and beyond the European continent.
  • The initiatives aim to increase trust in AI technologies by addressing their adverse impacts on individuals’ safety, health and fundamental rights whilst safeguarding the continuous global development and growth of successful innovations in the AI market.

Digital Services Package

  • The package includes two regulations, the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA).
  • By establishing new rules for digital commerce, both DSA and DMA will have a significant impact on the digital platform industry.
  • Provides legal certainty and transparency for SMEs and individual users in a rapidly growing digital environment.
  • The initiatives aim to safeguard the fundamental rights of individual users of digital services while creating a more competitive environment for innovation and growth both in the European single market and globally.

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