Recent work | March 11, 2020

Roschier advised TF Bank AB in statutory mergers

TF Bank has simplified its legal structure by merging TF Bank and its wholly owned subsidiaries BB Bank ASA, Avarda AB and Avarda Oy.

Internet-based niche bank TF Bank AB, listed at Nasdaq Stockholm, has implemented three statutory mergers, whereby all of its subsidiaries BB Bank ASA in Norway, Avarda AB in Sweden and Avarda Oy in Finland have been absorbed by the parent company. Following the mergers, BB Bank ASA, Avarda AB and Avarda Oy have been dissolved and all of their rights and obligations have been taken over by TF Bank AB in accordance with applicable Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish law.

Roschier’s advisory team mainly comprised Ola Åhman, Henrik Fritz and Elin Osbeck. Their advice covered, among other things, corporate law and employment law aspects of the mergers.