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Firm news | November 10, 2023

University of Helsinki and Roschier – Driving green transition

The green transition is generating significant investments whose practical management requires legal expertise and research, which is why Roschier has decided to support the Faculty of Law in establishing a professorship in sustainability law.

In Finland, the EU’s green transition means extensive investments in renewable energy, carbon capture and utilisation, as well as in the circular hydrogen economy. In practice, these investments are guided by complex regulations based on sustainability law overflowing from various EU policy sectors.

“For businesses to succeed in the green transition, there is a demand for legal expertise related to corporate social responsibility, sustainable funding and environmental protection alongside human rights management. At the moment, there is a clear competence deficit in society in these areas,” says Professor Kai Kokko from the University of Helsinki.

“Even in the public discussion, there has been talk of significant investments in the green transition targeted at Finland. The practical management of this deluge of investments requires the availability of related legal expertise and research in Finland. Roschier wishes to contribute to promoting such projects important to the Finnish industrial structure and society as a whole,” says Managing Partner Mikko Manner of Roschier. Read the University of Helsinki article here.