Roschier strengthens its position among students in Finland and Sweden

Continued focus on law student collaboration and related activities is reflected in Roschier’s rankings in the recently published student surveys by Prospera in Finland and Universum in Sweden.

Roschier ranks as one of the top 5 most attractive employers among law firms, according to law students in the latest Kantar Sifo Prospera Employer Branding survey for Finland and Universum’s Most Attractive Employers ranking in Sweden. The firm has improved its overall position in both surveys, and it is perceived to have the best in-depth expertise, the most interesting projects/clients, the best development opportunities and the most competitive salaries on the market, according to the respondents in the Prospera survey.

“The survey results indicate that students appreciate our offering as a collaboration partner and a future employer,” says Anna Wranne, Chief Talent Officer at Roschier. “We strongly believe that our cross-border flagship law student program, the Nordic Business Law Academy (NBLA), for example, has had a positive impact on how students perceive us. The NBLA has proven to be a success and an excellent opportunity for students to get to know us and for us to get to know them. In addition to the NBLA, we offer law students various other opportunities to grow and develop with us. The recent survey results are a useful tool as we continue to develop our offering for students with the aim of providing them with the best platform for their future.”