Nordic Business Law Academy

Nordic Business Law Academy by Roschier: A case study in a real-world business context

Interested in a career in business law with an international dimension? Hungry to learn from the best in the business? Want to grow your professional network?

Apply to the Nordic Business Law Academy (NBLA) case seminar 2020, and learn about IP and technology work in practice, by working together with our lawyers.

The NBLA gives you a unique platform to learn on a practical, hands-on level in a real-world business context and provides you with essential professional insight from top lawyers and client representatives.

Every second year, the NBLA consists of a 1.5-day seminar focusing on one of our practice areas and every second year it is a full program, with several sessions.

NBLA seminar 2020

In spring 2020, a case seminar will be arranged. The application period is 3-23 February. The case seminar emphasizes one of Roschier’s practice areas, this year focusing on IP and technology. During the seminar you will gain an understanding of the work at a law firm, learn about the current topics of IP and technology, and team up with both lawyers and other students.

The NBLA seminar 2020 spans over two days, with an evening session followed by a full-day session. Approximately 30 students will get the chance to participate in the seminar.

You can apply for the Nordic Business Law Academy case seminar if you have at least 150 credits (Finland) or have completed four semesters (Sweden) by spring 2020. In addition, you should also have a basic understanding of intellectual property law.

NBLA program

This law student program comprises seminars, workshops, practical exercises and networking in a team setting. The program is arranged in the spring and spans over four sessions, including one session abroad, in Finland for Swedish students and in Sweden for Finnish students.

This is a unique chance to see into the transaction process and build an international network. For the right person, it might lead to an Associate Lawyer position at Roschier.

The next NBLA program will take place in spring 2021.

NBLA – Bring your studies to life