Insights | November 10, 2023

Interview about Roschier Investigations Forum (RIF)

In just a few days, the much-anticipated Roschier Investigations Forum (RIF), opens its doors for the first time. It's an initiative that brings professionals active within investigations together. We spoke with Petri Avikainen and Mari Mohsen, two of the responsible persons behind RIF, to find out more about the forum.

To start off, could you tell us why Roschier is initiating this forum?

Mari: The RIF is our way of creating a space where professionals can gather to discuss compliance and corporate investigations—a field that, due to its confidential nature, typically lacks opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and open dialogue. We want to offer a platform to facilitate knowledge-sharing in an environment that respects the sensitivity of the matters.

Petri: It’s also about building a community of experts who can share insights and learn from each other’s experiences. With our panels, we wanted our guests to gain not just one but several perspectives on handling corporate investigations.

What can attendees expect from this event?

Mari: We wanted the program to give a comprehensive view of the lifecycle of an investigation. We’ll start with a keynote from Pontus Selderman Senior Vice President of Ethics and Compliance at Stora Enso, who will provide us an in-house perspective. This sets the stage for the first panel discussions, which cover everything from the critical first steps in an investigation to board liability and crisis communication.

Petri: Each panel is carefully curated with experts from different backgrounds who together bring years of experience and specialized knowledge. The discussions are designed to be interactive, ensuring that everyone can engage with the topics.

What are you personally looking forward to at the RIF?

Mari: Besides meeting all the interesting people attending? I’m particularly interested in the panel on the initial 72 hours after an investigation hits. It’s a critical time frame, and I believe the practical insights shared will be very useful.

Petri: The network for me as well. When it comes to the content, I’m happy to be moderating the discussion on the board perspective into investigations and related liability questions. It’s a pressing issue for every board member, and I’m eager to see what new viewpoints our panelists will bring to the table.