Insights | August 26, 2019

Hire & Fire employment podcast – rules of priority

Who can stay and who has to leave? Is it up to the employer to decide?

Which employee will have to leave when there isn’t enough work? Is it possible that an employee, whose tasks will remain, will have to leave in order to make room for someone else, who has been employed for a longer time? Is the employer allowed to assign the most suitable employee to certain tasks?

In this episode of Roschier’s employment podcast, published in Swedish, Victoria Bergholtz and Elin Osbeck talk about the rules of priority (turordningsreglerna) and what changes we can expect because of the so-called January agreement (januariavtalet). Jenny Welander Wadström tells us how employers should handle occasional workers when there is a lack of work, and answers other tricky questions related to rules of priority.

You can find the episode below and on Apple’s Podcaster platform. Please note that the podcast is in Swedish.