Hire & Fire employment podcast: business transfers – protection and concerns

Several new rulings by the Court of Justice of the European Union about business transfers are causing employment law experts some headache. We analyze the concepts and discuss what business transfers entail.

In this episode of our Hire & Fire employment law podcast, Jenny Welander Wadström and Elin Osbeck enlighten us as to what business transfers really are about and what the consequences of a business transfer can be, for the company as well as for the employees.

Can a company’s change of contractor lead to employees having the right to transfer from the old contractor to the new, even if there is no existing agreement between the old and the new contractor? Is it true that a business transfer might mean that employees can suddenly find themselves as part-time employees at two competing companies?

You can find the episode below and in your favorite podcast listening app. Please note that the podcast is in Swedish.

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