Insights | August 30, 2022

Hire & Fire employment law podcast – The Work-life Balance Directive and flexible ways of working

The EU Work-life Balance Directive aims to improve families’ access to family leave and flexible work arrangements. In this episode of Hire & Fire, our employment law experts discuss flexible ways of working for parents and relative caregivers.

With recent changes to the Swedish Employment Protection Act (LAS) in focus, it is easy to lose track of other big employment law-related changes.

Since 2 August, there are new rules implementing the EU Work-life Balance Directive, which means more rights for parents and relative caregivers. Our employment law experts Jenny Welander Wadström and Elin Osbeck discuss whether this will impact the amount of non-transferable days, i.e. days reserved for the respective parents, commonly referred to as “dad months” (Sw. pappamånader). And do employees really have the right to work flexibly? If so, what does this mean in practice?

You can find the episode below and in your favorite podcast listening app. Please note that the podcast is in Swedish.