Insights | April 24, 2023

Hire & Fire employment law podcast – Employers and the international labor market

In the April episode or Roschier's employment law podcast Hire & Fire, our experts discuss the increasingly international labor market – but is the law keeping up with the changes?

After the pandemic, many employers have a more open mindset to from which location their employees do their work and from which countries new employees are recruited. In this episode of Hire & Fire, our employment law experts Jenny Welander Wadström and Elin Osbeck explain different international aspects of employment relationships.

How to determine which country’s law should apply, where potential disputes should be tried and how to avoid falling into certain legal traps when hiring employees living or working in another country? Listen to Hire & Fire to find out!

You can find the episode below and in your favorite podcast listening app. Please note that the podcast is in Swedish.