Hire & Fire episode 52, December 2023.

Insights | December 18, 2023

Hire & Fire employment law podcast – Background checks

In this episode, our experts discuss background checks during the hiring process.

Among other topics, Peder Boström and Sofia Andersson discuss restrictions on employers’ right to request applicants to provide information regarding their education and employment histories, extracts from the criminal records registry, credit reports and health checks.

The hosts are joined by John Park, Senior Associate in Roschier’s IP & Tech practice, and an expert on the GDPR, who gives practical advice on how employers can ensure that any processing of personal data in conjunction with the background checks are compliant with the GDPR.

Other questions touched on in the episode include: In which situations is an employer required by law to conduct certain background checks? How long can and should an employer store job applications? At which stage of the hiring process is it most suitable for background checks to be conducted?