Charity partner visited Roschier to talk about their work

We recently hosted a breakfast with our longtime charity partner Barncancerfonden Stockholm Gotland, a regional charitable association of The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. Roschier has supported Barncancerfonden Stockholm Gotland in various ways since 2012, for example by making seasonal donations and arranging Christmas festivities at the hospital.

“We are happy to have Roschier as a partner, helping us offer support to children and families. As Roschier is our biggest sponsor, this collaboration is extremely important for us,” says Emelie Carestam, information officer at Barncancerfonden Stockholm Gotland.

BCF Stockholm Gotland is a non-profit organization that works with children and families affected by cancer, helping them create happy memories and providing support when needed.

“One of the key focus areas of our firm-wide Corporate Social Responsibility-work is children and youth, which is why Barncancerfonden Stockholm Gotland has become a longtime charity partner for us. We find their work very important as it has a direct impact on the everyday lives of the young patients and their families,” says Roschier’s Head of Communications Milena Romberg-Kevin.

For many years now, Roschier’s seasonal donations have been directed to Barncancerfonden Stockholm Gotland’s Supersnöret initiative. Supersnöret – världens viktigaste snöre (Eng. “Super string of beads – the most important string of beads in the world”) is an initiative designed to support children undergoing cancer treatment. Each child who is diagnosed with cancer has the opportunity to create his or her own unique string of beads, where each bead represents different steps in the treatment. As some aspects of the treatment may be difficult to comprehend, the string of beads helps the child to understand what the treatment involves and to explain it to friends, grandparents, teachers, etc. We also support the organization in providing welcome packages to children newly admitted for cancer treatment.

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