Giving back to society

Serving our clients

As attorneys, we provide independent professional advice. Client orientation and ethical considerations are essential aspects of our values in advocacy, which means that we serve the clients’ interests before our own.

This is ingrained in everything we do at Roschier. We care about what we do and how we do it. Everyone in our firm is responsible for delivering the best possible client experience, while never compromising on our core values.

We strive to constantly nurture our client relationships and aim to be our client’s trusted advisors.

Our five core values, which have evolved over the firm’s lifetime, are client orientation, professionalism, teamwork, ethics and pioneering. We expect our people to be committed to first-class client service, uphold the highest standards of the profession, and cooperate and treat everyone with collegial respect. Our people are encouraged to be creative. We are always challenging old ways of thinking and, together with our clients, we aim to come up with cutting-edge solutions.

Our unique one-firm mindset means that teamwork extends across borders on every level of the firm, whether it is related to practices, business operations, roles or national boundaries.

Engaging with our communities

Roschier was an active part of the community long before Corporate Social Responsibility became an item on corporate agendas. CSR is tied to ethics, one of our core values, and therefore a high priority to us.

We have a long-standing and deep-rooted tradition of acting ethically and applying the attorney’s code of conduct. This reinforces our role as an independent legal advisor, as part of the judicial system and as an active member of society.

We share our expertise and knowledge by providing pro bono legal services to those in need, and we actively support a range of charitable causes. Our long term commitments include collaborations with organizations that work to improve research and medical treatments for childhood cancer.

We are also enthusiastic supporters of educational initiatives. Several of our practitioners regularly collaborate with universities, holding lectures or engaging in research projects.

Sustainability and the environment

Through our environmental policy, we focus on increasing our awareness and reducing our use of natural resources. We want to be recognized as a firm that takes responsibility for protecting the environment. This means both complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and taking continuous, pre-emptive environmental measures.

Our office buildings are environmentally friendly and LEED certified. We integrate environmentally friendly options into our day-to-day work and consider environmental aspects in our decision-making. We measure and set targets for reducing our impact on the environment and consider environmental factors (including use, transportation and waste) when procuring goods and services.

We manage waste in an environmentally-friendly manner and limit the use of resources. For instance, we promote video conferences over travel.

Roschier has obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification. We were first certified in 2011, when we became the only law firm in the Nordic region to hold the ISO 14001 environmental certificate for all of our offices.