New Roschier pro bono client promotes diversity

The Order of the Teaspoon, Teskedsorden, is a Swedish foundation working with children and young people to promote diversity. Earlier this year, the foundation became one of Roschier’s pro bono clients. Teskedsorden’s representatives recently visited Roschier to talk about their work.

Roschier will assist the foundation with legal advice concerning among other things intellectual property rights, GDPR and employment matters as well as education about discriminatory laws in Sweden.

“As a non-profit organization, we have limited resources. The support from Roschier means that we can put our time and effort on our main mission – to engage in an active dialogue with children and young people to promote diversity. We work to prevent people from being discriminated because of their political or religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Roschier’s expertise within the fields of employment law makes us a better employer. We are deeply grateful for this cooperation,” says Lova Wallerö Frostenson, office manager at the Order of the Teaspoon.

Roschier has a long history of pro bono work and participation in community initiatives, and the firm has been very active in volunteering for various projects both in Sweden and Finland.

“I am happy that we are able to share our expertise with organizations working within fields that are especially important to Roschier. Teskedsorden’s mission is to have a society free from prejudice and discrimination, I feel proud that we are able to help them contribute to that. We share Teskedsorden’s belief that diversity is a strength,” says Karel Stepan, an associate at Roschier who has worked pro bono for the foundation.

In a series of internal breakfast events, representatives of Roschier’s pro bono clients will visit our offices in Stockholm to talk about their work.

Read more about Teskedsorden here (in Swedish).