Roschier Talent Academy

We are launching a student program offering you practical skills and networks that will benefit the rest of your career.

Being the by far leading law firm doesn’t happen by chance. It comes from bringing the best and brightest minds together. It comes from always learning new things, being curious about what’s around the corner and adapting to the new and uncharted. It comes from going that extra mile.

Roschier Talent Academy is a unique steppingstone for the rest of your career and creates a first building block for your future career network.

The program will equip you with the professional skills and mindset that will be useful in your future career as a junior lawyer at a business law firm. You will get to know the legal profession through inspiring presentations and conversations. We have developed a complex case based on a real-life assignment and we will challenge you to solve it together with our lawyers. They are there to help you solve the problem like an experienced lawyer would.

As one of the selected participants in the Roschier Talent Academy, you will build the foundation for your future network with other students and experienced lawyers. When the program ends, we will stay in contact, and if you wish, we will be happy to schedule conversations with one of our lawyers or recruitment specialists to answer your questions about your future career.

The Roschier Talent Academy takes place during three days in March and the applications opens on 6 February.

Does this sound interesting? If you want to know more, please contact us for more information.

Main contacts

Alexandra Hummel 
Talent Development