Roschier Talent Academy

Roschier Talent Academy is intended for law students who are interested in pursuing a career at a business law firm. It is an opportunity to get to know the legal profession from the inside and build a network that will benefit the rest of your career.

This fall the Roschier Talent Academy takes place in Helsinki and law students from all around Finland are invited.

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Unlock your future

Being the by far leading law firm doesn’t happen by chance. It comes from bringing the best and brightest minds together. It comes from always learning new things, being curious about what’s around the corner and adapting to the new and uncharted. It comes from going that extra mile.

Roschier Talent Academy is a three-day program and it will equip you with the professional skills and mindset that will be useful in your future career at a business law firm. You will get to know the legal profession through inspiring presentations and conversations. You will also participate in a complex case study based on a real-life matter and build the foundation for your future network with other students and experienced lawyers.

The program

8 November

The law firm as a business

Welcome to the first day of the Roschier Talent Academy. The day starts with lunch and ends with dinner, and in between, we will get to know each other, the firm, and how we work.

The program includes an introduction to the dynamics of the consultant role, how we work at Roschier and the importance of common values and goals. To end the first day we have an eminent external trainer, who will guide the participants through the art of networking, building a brand and making an ever-lasting impression.

9 november

Endless possibilities: The legal industry and what we do.

The second day is a full day where focus is on the law firm industry and what we do. During the day, you will familiarize yourself with all the different legal areas within business law.

There will also be a Roschier Talkshow with revealing conversations, as well as an interactive exercise to ensure that we – the students, the coaches, and the rest of the participants – get to know each other.

We wrap up the day with an exclusive dinner.

10 november

Client focus and case study

During the third and final day, we focus on client work, and a complex case study, which the participants will be challenged to solve together with the lawyers.

The day ends with a closing ceremony to celebrate the success and to wrap up the first Roschier Talent Academy in Finland.

Main contacts

Emil Koho 
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Henri Repo 
Talent Acquisition Lead