Career news | May 10, 2021

Roschier’s Future Talents program is open for applications

Clients, Skills and Talks are the three parts of our new Future Talents program, which is intended for Finnish law students in the middle stages of their studies who are interested in a career in business law and are motivated by professional growth and development.

The program offers insight into the world of business law and an opportunity to connect and learn from our experienced lawyers, clients and professional trainers.

Together with two of our clients, we discuss a previous client case and hear the client’s views on working with Roschier as their trusted advisor. The Skills sessions offer the participants the opportunity to learn some of the skills needed in order to become successful lawyers and better professionals. During the Talks sessions, students will choose a practice area and connect with lawyers from that practice area for one-on-one conversations.

The Future Talents program is intended for law students in Finland. Since the program is held virtually, we accept applications from all over Finland.