Future Talents

Roschier’s Future Talents program is intended for law students who are interested in a future career in business law and are motivated by professional growth and development. It is an opportunity to learn from and connect with our experienced lawyers, clients and professional trainers. The program will give insight into the world of business law from three different perspectives.

Future Talents & Clients

We listen closely and strive to offer the best advice to match the different needs of our clients. The Clients sessions will focus on two perspectives of the same assignment; the client perspective and the lawyer perspective. We will be in dialogue with two of our clients and discuss what it is like for them to work with Roschier as their trusted advisor. Our lawyers will also describe their perspectives of managing these complex projects from behind the scenes and why project manager skills are very much needed in order to become a successful business lawyer.

Future Talents & Skills

In order to become a successful lawyer, you need more than legal skills. The Skills sessions will focus on your professional learning and development and our professional trainers will offer you practical tips about some of the skills you need in order to thrive in the business law context.

Future Talents & Talks

Connect with lawyers from a practice area you are interested in. The sessions will be a unique opportunity for you to have one-on-one meetings with an experienced lawyer. The Talks sessions are valuable for both participants – you get to know each other a bit more and you as a student will have the opportunity to learn from our lawyers’ experiences. We are also keen to hear your perspective on what it means to succeed as a law firm in the future and what you expect of your future employer.

When will the program be held

The program will be arranged during week 34 and 35 in 2021 and the sessions will take place during evenings, lunch or breakfast time. Most parts of the program will be arranged online.

Who can apply

The Future Talents program is intended for law students in the middle stages of their studies. You need to have completed approximately 120-180 credits in order to get accepted to the program. We accept applications from all over Finland.

When to apply

You can visit our careers site and social media channels to get up-to-date information on when you can apply.

Want to know more?

For more information, please contact Clara Olsson, Talent Development at +46 8 553 191 66 or clara.olsson@roschier.com.