Insights | January 29, 2020

Markku Tuominen contributed to a book on brand excellence

Partner Markku Tuominen has contributed to a new book about brand excellence by writing a chapter discussing the importance of legal protection in securing a brand's competitive advantage.

In the chapter, Markku Tuominen gives an introduction to various intellectual property rights related to the protection of a brand, concluding that  “Legal protection requires activity from the proprietor, but it pays off in the form of increased distinctiveness, loyal customers and growing cash flows”.

Tuominen also participated in a panel discussion at the release party on Tuesday 28 January. The panel discussed the importance of branding for Finnish companies in the future.

The book, “Intohimona BRÄNDIT” (Passionate about Brands), by renowned Finnish Board Professional Marina Vahtola demonstrates the value and benefits of brand excellence by introducing 20 key factors that determine successful brand building.