Recent work | July 14, 2023

Roschier primary legal counsel to Nokia in its partnership agreement with Red Hat

Roschier served as the primary legal counsel to Nokia in its recently announced partnership agreement with Red Hat to tightly integrate Nokia’s core network applications with Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat OpenShift.

The partnership agreement between Nokia and Red Hat comprises research & development, product lifecycle management, deployment services and care of CBIS and NCS products incorporated into Nokia’s core networks solutions used by its telco end customers.

Nokia and Red Hat (part of IBM) will jointly support and develop these products while developing a path for customers who choose to migrate to Red Hat’s platforms over time. Additionally, Nokia will leverage Red Hat’s infrastructure platforms to enable faster development and testing of Nokia’s extensive core network portfolio.

An essential part of the transaction is the transition of Nokia cloud infrastructure employee teams in over 20 countries globally to Red Hat in phases in connection with the transition of the outsourced services.

“This deal was very complex and multidimensional. It required extensive knowledge and expertise across a wide range of complex subjects including important IT Services agreements, global business processes, proprietary and open source software product development, IP, employee transfers as well as commercial partnering, and is a good showcase of our expertise – I am very proud of having been selected to work on this transaction between two large international tech blue chips and the work done by our team to support our client,” says Roschier Partner Arto Linnervuo.

The Nokia – Red Hat transaction is subject to local legal processes and approvals as necessary.

Roschier’s core advisory team comprised Arto Linnervuo, Emma Swahne, Dan Valli, Susanna Nisso, Mikael Brandt, Antti Lankinen and Janne Nurminen.