Firm news | October 23, 2023

Roschier partners up with SASSE – The Student Association at The Stockholm School of Economics

Roschier is the new legal advisor to SASSE. In addition to the advisory work, the partnership provides a unique opportunity to create a networking platform for students at The Stockholm School of Economics and their peers in law schools.

SASSE is one of the largest student organizations in Europe, both in terms of revenue and held activities. The association consists of eight committees with different areas of responsibilities, ranging from education to business and technology. SASSE has a sustained presence among the students throughout their education and maintains a strong relationship with SSE alumni across Sweden’s business scene.

Roschier is now a proud partner of SASSE and will assist its leadership in the management of the student body’s funds and real estate, as well as the association’s Business Committee which manages corporate relationships and partnerships with both the university’s senior and capital partners, as well as other firms in the Nordics and across Europe.

Mohammed Talballa is a member of the SASSE Board and serves as President of the Business Committee: “We are very hopeful and excited about Roschier’s new role as our legal advisor. The firm’s experience, student engagement and professionalism were greatly evident to us in our outreach process and are the main reasons to why we preferred Roschier over other recognized Nordic law firms. With the firm’s valuable input and advise we hope to sustain, fortify and further develop our assets and the relationships we have fostered over our 114 year history.”

Partner Marcus Hedén is the main contact for the partnership at Roschier’s end: “We are excited about our new role as SASSE’s legal advisor and look forward to supporting the next generation of business people and business leaders. This is also an excellent opportunity to create a networking platform for students at The Stockholm School of Economics, one of the leading business schools in Europe, and their peers in law schools.”