Firm news | January 14, 2021

Regi: Roschier is the law firm of the year 2020 in Sweden in the SEK +500 million category 

Clients have chosen Roschier as the law firm of the year 2020 in Sweden, as shown by Regi's survey. The title "Årets advokatbyrå" is awarded in four separate categories according to size, and Roschier won the title in the category for the largest law firms.

We are humble and thankful to get the recognition from our clients, as we value our client relationships highly and have a strong client focus in everything we do. We are constantly thinking of new ways to create value for our clients, identifying opportunities and helping clients navigate the increasingly global and fast-paced business landscape they operate in.

Swedish business research and data company Regi conducts the quality survey every year, asking companies to evaluate their legal advisors. The survey has three parts: Image Watch, Business report and Client study, of which the last is the most important. The 13th edition of Regi’s survey comprised close to 1.000 client comments, about 26 law firms in four categories.

See the acceptance speech by Pontus Enquist, head of our Stockholm office (in Swedish):