Firm news | November 25, 2019

Reach for Change and Roschier continue to make a difference for children and young people

Through social entrepreneurship and innovation, Reach for Change wants to create a better world for children and young people. Reach for Change is a non-profit organization working globally to find social entrepreneurs and help them scale their innovation. Roschier has been a part of their journey since 2013, assisting with pro bono legal advice. Recently, the organization visited our offices to talk about their work.

Roschier’s experts regularly provide legal advice pro bono to the organization and its social entrepreneurs, so-called Change Leaders. A well-received event within the collaboration includes the annual Legal Advising Day, when Change Leaders are invited to Roschier for a full day of discussion and sparring around legal issues important to them.

“As our long-standing pro bono partner, Roschier’s support is invaluable both to us and to the social entrepreneurs who we work with through our incubator program. For small, non-profit organizations without any specialist support inhouse, it’s extremely valuable to learn from Roschier’s experts about for example employment law and GDPR, as well as receive tailored advice. Needless to say, we are very grateful for the support we receive because it enables us and the Change Leaders to do our work even better,” said Program Manager Josefin Borglund at Reach for Change.

One of the current Change Leaders is The Good Talents, who focus on empowering young people by encouraging them through programs and trainings to take responsibility for their ideas and personal development. One important step in this process is to ensure that all young people, no matter where they come from, have access to positive role models. Those who complete the program will themselves be positive role models within their respective community.

“We are proud to support Reach for Change in their incredibly important and meaningful work, helping children and young people through social entrepreneurship. It is truly rewarding to see in practice how the support we provide adds value to Reach for Change and its social entrepreneurs,” said Roschier Partner Marcus Hedén.