Events | November 14, 2022

Raising awareness about what is happening in Iran

As a business law firm, Roschier's best way of helping the people protesting in Iran is by raising awareness. This, we have done in several ways, by starting two fundraising campaigns with Amnesty and, most recently, by hosting a hybrid seminar about Iran and the recent developments in the country.

Together with student organization ELSA Sweden, we arranged a hybrid seminar in our Stockholm office about the ongoing, alarming situation in Iran. Former Minister of Justice, Foreign policy spokesperson (socialdemokraterna) Morgan Johansson, Professor in International Law at Stockholm University Said Mahmoudi and Eva-Maj Mühlenbock, Chair of the Swedish Bar Association discussed. Nathalie Labar, President of The European Law Students’ Association, ELSA Sweden and Roschier Partner Shirin Saif moderated.

Professor Mahmoud, born and raised in Iran, gave a concise recap of the situation and the complicated history behind it, while Morgan Johansson provided some insight about how the global community and separate entities, like the EU, can make an impact and clearly signal that we are not okay with what is happening.

Eva-Maj Mühlenbock reminded us about the importance of consistency. We must not stop reacting and condemning. The Swedish Bar Association has teamed up with other Bar Associations to offer support to jailed defense attorneys, who have only been doing their job of defending accused Iranians in court.

Members of ELSA Sweden’s local student organizations were able to follow the discussion through the livestream.