Mikko Manner elected member of Lex Mundi’s board

Our Managing Partner Mikko Manner has been appointed as a member of the board of Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent law firms.

Lex Mundi held their Annual Meeting, the Connect & Collaborate Annual Conference in San Francisco in early May, appointing new members to their board. Mikko Manner‘s term of office is 2023-2027.

As a board member, Mikko will play a vital role in shaping the strategic direction and further strengthening the collaborative initiatives within the Lex Mundi network:

What is your vision for Lex Mundi?
“The vision, which I share with my fellow board members, is to strengthen our global collaboration even further, enhance our network’s legal services, and to foster innovation and better use of technology to serve our clients.”

How do you plan to keep Lex Mundi relevant in a changing legal landscape?
“I’ll advocate for increased collaboration, sharing best practices, and emerging legal trends. Also, we’ll need to focus on continuous learning and development programs in areas like legal tech, new business models, and regulatory changes. Another area that grows more important to us, our clients and our employees is expanding our pro bono efforts, supporting social justice, promoting sustainability and increasing diversity.”

How would you describe Lex Mundi’s approach to collaboration and innovation and the benefits for clients?
“It ensures that clients receive seamless, high-quality legal services from top independent law firms worldwide. Also, our diverse network of law firms ensures that clients have access to local expertise and cultural understanding, which is crucial for navigating complex legal issues across different jurisdictions.

Lex Mundi is the world’s leading network of independent law firms, with a mission to bring together top-tier legal expertise from around the globe. By connecting premier law firms across more than 125 countries, Lex Mundi offers clients seamless access to high-quality legal services that meet the most complex and demanding challenges.

Roschier is the exclusive Lex Mundi member for Finland.


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Mikko Manner 
Managing Partner
David Löfvendahl 
Communications & Branding Director