Insights | September 28, 2022

Lisa Hybbinette interviewed in Fastighetssverige

Partner Lisa Hybbinette has co-written an op-ed article about newly built rental housing and the rent level, which have been widely discussed in Sweden lately. She was also interviewed on the subject in Fastighetssverige.

In the op-ed article published in Svenska Dagbladet, Roschier Partner Lisa Hybbinette, Annie Carlefred (Bonava) and Tomas Hermansson (Bonnier Fastigheter) argue that, while there is a great need for more residential buildings in Sweden, recent decisions by the court of appeal regarding rent level for newly built rental housing will cause problems for building companies.

Lisa Hybbinette was also interviewed by real estate publication Fastighetssverige in relation to the op-ed. The articles are in Swedish, behind paywall