Insights | September 28, 2023

Lisa Hybbinette in the Business Arena Talks podcast about the Swedish real estate market

Roschier partner and real estate expert Lisa Hybbinette recently participated in a roundtable discussion on the topic of "New opportunities for international investors in the Swedish real estate market?", which was recorded in connection with the Business Arena event in Stockholm in September 2023.

High inflation and rising interest rates have contributed to a more worrisome financing situation for many Swedish property companies, and, in combination, the values of the properties are falling. Foreign players who previously considered the prices in Sweden to be too high are now following developments closely.

The Swedish currency’s weakness relative to EUR and USD is also increasing the foreign investor appetite. There are also actors who see an opportunity to lend money on good terms. In this roundtable discussion, a knowledgeable panel discusses the market situation, transaction appetite, potential restructuring and, not least, the financing situation.

The panelists were Lisa Hybbinette, Anton Friling, Vice President, BlackRock, Rosie Hunt, Real Estate Research Analyst, DWS Group and Linus Nilsson, Head of Nordics, Pictet Alternative Advisors.