Johan Sidklev contributed to an anthology about digital hearings, civil procedure and arbitration

The anthology “Digital Hearings – Civil Procedure and Arbitration” was launched in New York on Monday 9 January. Johan Sidklev, partner, and Chair of the Board is one of the contributors to the book.

In his chapter, Johan Sidklev writes from the perspective of commercial law firms about best practices in conducting a digital arbitral hearing. Based on his experiences, he explains what should be considered when planning, organizing, and executing an effective virtual arbitral hearing.

Having articulated the need for a fair and transparent use of technology, highlighted organizational matters, and underscored the need for various support functions, the article puts it all in the context of being able to present your case effectively and equally. The bottom line is that technology should be used in arbitration to enhance and improve the efficiency of the arbitral procedure, and not the adverse.

The anthology “Digital Hearings – Civil Procedure and Arbitration” (2022) was published by Norstedts Juridik. It includes a collection of in-depth submissions from renowned judges, arbitrators, counsel, and scholars engaging with difficult questions related to digital hearings, particularly regarding international arbitrations seated in the Nordic countries. Drawing on their expertise, the book contains a summary of pros and cons, do’s and don’ts, culminating in a nuanced articulation of what digital procedures are, why digital procedures may be good, when to proceed wholly or partially with digital features, and how to best plan, organize, and execute an effective digital procedure that does not undercut the fundamentals of civil litigation or arbitration, including the due process of law.

The contributors to the anthology are Nathalie Allen, Crina Baltag, Iris Brisson, Henrik Fieber, Anders Forss, Ricardo Gomes, Hjördis Birna Hjartardóttir, Ilona Karppinen, Kristoffer Löf, Finn Madsen, Jacob Skude Rasmussen, Tim Robbins, Niels Schiersing, Johan Sidklev, Eva Storskrubb, Anna-Maria Tamminen, Sarah van der Stad and Heidi Walsh. Roschier Senior Associate Bruno Gustafsson was a co-editor of the anthology.