Insights | April 28, 2023

Jenny Welander Wadström speaker in a panel on how to best utilize a neurodiverse workforce

"Neurodiversity as a competitive advantage" was the topic for a round-table discussion arranged by Ambicare and flow2thrive that Roschier's Jenny Welander Wadström recently participated in.

There is a need to better utilize a diverse workforce, and specifically, a neurodiverse workforce. This was concluded in a recent round-table discussion arranged by Ambicare and flow2thrive.

“Neurodiversity is not very widely discussed in the Swedish labor market yet, but in the future, employers should aim to focus considerably more on neurodiversity in their organizations. From a legal perspective, there are several aspects, such as discrimination legislation, GDPR matters and integration, to consider. Currently, neurodiverse employees are hesitant to tell their employers about their challenges. This leads to the employer not being able to make changes that would make work easier for those affected,” said Jenny Welander Wadström.

She participated as a legal expert in a round-table discussion in Stockholm, arranged by Ambicare, an organization working with stress- and noise reduction and flow2thrive, a firm that helps organizations optimize human brain health and performance potential.

Jenny Welander Wadström is pictured together with the organizers Thorunn Widö, Linda Jarnhamn, Mia Skoog and fellow speaker Lukasz Krupinski.