Insights | March 22, 2022

Introducing the new Roschier podcast “A cup of”

Are you interested in the legal profession and the work at a law firm? Then you should tune in to our new podcast "A cup of", a conversation over a cup of coffee with Roschier and guests.

In “A cup of“, we sit down with legal experts, recruitment professionals and other interesting profiles to talk about their experiences, insights and thoughts about work at a law firm. The aim is a personal, direct and informative conversation, and after listening, you will know a bit more about the people, the culture and the work that we do.

A cup of” is produced in both Swedish and Finnish in separate streams, and new episodes will be published simultaneously in both languages. The podcast will be led by a host in each location – Stockholm and Helsinki – who will meet with different people within the firm to discuss topical questions and selected themes.

Evelina Norén is the host of the podcast in Swedish, while the Finnish podcast is hosted by Emil Koho. Together with their guests, they will discuss a broad range of subjects like traineeships and junior lawyer tasks, the importance of values, career paths, team work, legal topics and much more. Depending on the subject, some of the discussions will be in English.

The theme of the first episode, published today, is “All law firms are the same – or are they?” A new episode will be published monthly.