Insights | November 29, 2019

Hire & Fire employment podcast – relocation offers

Relocation offer – what is a reasonable alternative and who decides what is reasonable?

In an earlier episode of this podcast, the rules of priority (turordningsreglerna) when there is a lack of work, were discussed. But before the rules of priority begin to apply, the employer has to try to solve the situation by making an offer to relocate to the employee in question.

If an employee declines a reasonable offer to relocate, the employer has a fair reason to terminate the employment. But what is a reasonable offer to relocate? How long is a reasonable commute? Is it really a negative thing to be young and single?

In this episode of Roschier’s Hire & Fire employment podcast, published in Swedish, Victoria Bergholz and Elin Osbeck discuss the term offer to relocate and what it entails.

You can find the episode below and on Spotify or Apple Podcaster.