Insights | September 21, 2023

Hire & Fire employment podcast – Employees’ right to rest

In the September episode of Hire & Fire, our experts talk about employees' right to rest according to the Swedish Working Hours Act, and what this mean for employers.

Employees’ right to rest according to the Swedish Working Hours Act and what employers should consider when ordering night-time work for their employees between midnight and 5 a.m. are the topics discussed by Alice Göransson and Peder Boström in this episode of Hire & Fire. They also touch upon the possibility of making exceptions from the Working Hours Act through collective bargaining agreements and which activities and types of work that are exempted from the law.

In addition, readiness to work (Sw. beredskap) and on-call work (Sw. jour), are also discussed, because these legal concepts often become relevant in connection with night work.

You can find the episode below and in your favorite podcast listening app. Please note that the podcast is in Swedish.