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8 December 2017

The participants for NBLA 2018 have now been selected. Congratulations and see you in January!

NBLA – Bring your studies to life

7 November 2017

The application period for NBLA 2018 is now closed!

Thank you for applying!

31 October 2017

Do you have any unanswered questions regarding the NBLA? Great, here's our Q&A!

Since I'm not studying in Helsinki/Stockholm, do I have to pay for the travel and accommodation costs in connection with the NBLA myself?

-    No, the NBLA is completely free. Roschier will book your travels as well as your overnight stay at a hotel. Meals are included in all sessions.

Are you expected to spend time on the program in the periods between the four training sessions?

-    Your involvement is mainly limited to the four sessions. Some additional preparatory work might be required between sessions.

Does the NBLA require any previous work experience?

-    No previous work experience is required to participate in the NBLA.

Can I participate in the NBLA despite the fact that I'm working at another firm?

-    Yes you can! Having a part-time job/traineeship at another firm is not a problem.

Please contact Mira Svedholm or Maria van den Tempel if you have a question that is not answered here. 

NBLA – Bring your studies to life

6 October 2017

The application period for the NBLA 2018 is now open!

Read more about the program and how to apply here. The deadline to apply is 6 November 2017.

NBLA – Bring your studies to life

11 September 2017

In 2018, Roschier will arrange the third season of the Nordic Business Law Academy (NBLA). The NBLA is a law student program comprising seminars, workshops, practical exercises and networking in a team setting. It offers a unique platform to learn on a practical, hands-on level in a real-world business context and provides you with essential professional insight from top lawyers and client representatives.

Together with our lawyers, your coaches, you will get a rewarding experience and take your skills and knowledge to new levels, gaining a comprehensive overview of the M&A process, as well as a glimpse of what working as a lawyer at Roschier could be like.

You will work in close-knit teams with fellow students and Roschier lawyers from both Finland and Sweden, tackling tasks that are international by nature. The program also includes a session abroad, in Finland for Swedish students and Sweden for Finnish students.

The NBLA 2018 will take place from January to April, over four sessions in two countries. Apply, and you will learn how a real-life M&A transaction evolves. The application period for the NBLA 2018 opens on 6 October.

NBLA – Bring your studies to life

Check out the video from the NBLA 2017.

7 July 2017

The dates for the next season of the Nordic Business Law Academy (NBLA) 2018 have been added to the calendar page. Application period starts on Friday 6 October!

7 April 2017

The Nordic Business Law Academy (NBLA) 2017 is signed and closed! Yesterday, this year's NBLA came to an end when the students successfully closed the transaction. We have been deeply impressed by the students that took part and are convinced that they all have a bright future within the world of transactions. The NBLA has been fun! We want to thank everyone who has participated in the NBLA 2017 and look forward to a new case study in 2018!


17 March 2017

A big thank you to all NBLA participants and coaches for yesterday! It was surely a day full of intense drafting, negotiation and learning new things. See you all in Stockholm in April for the final session!


17 February 2017

Session two of the NBLA 2017 took place yesterday. It was a busy day filled with management presentation, SFA, SPA and DD drafting, discussions and strategies. It was particularly interesting to listen to the real life clients who shared their thoughts on the advisor-client relationship.

30 January 2017

The first session of the NBLA 2017 was inspiring, intense but also great fun. 25 participants from Finland and Sweden got together at Roschier's office in Helsinki for a full-day program. The day started with an introduction to the case study and the transaction process, and was followed by an afternoon of negotiation skills training, among other things. 

The day that ended with a great team building exercise and dinner together with the Roschier coaches. 

We are already looking forward to the next session in February!

26 January 2017

The game is on! The NBLA 2017 has officially been kicked-off and we're looking forward to an exciting spring!


7 November 2016

The application period for NBLA 2017 is now closed!

Thank you for applying!

6 October 2016

The application period for the NBLA 2017 is now open!

The deadline for applications is 6 November.

Master your future – Apply now!     Finland       Sweden

4 October 2016

Johanna Wärnberg is a Senior associate at Roschier. As one of the coaches at the NBLA, Johanna has an excellent understanding of the program. Check out the video below where she describes the essence of the NBLA.

29 September 2016

The NBLA program of 2016 was a huge success and combined hard work with a lot of fun. Check out the video for highlights of the NBLA 2016 according to the participants.

23 September 2016

In 2017, Roschier will be holding the second season of the Nordic Business Law Academy (NBLA). The NBLA is an extracurricular educational program comprising seminars, workshops, practical exercises and networking in a team setting. The program focuses on an authentic case study, which incorporates the legal elements of a real-life M&A transaction.

In the course of the program, you will gain essential professional insight from top lawyers at Roschier and client representatives, as well as inspiration from a renowned international guest speaker. You will also get a chance to put your legal skills into practice, acquire an understanding of the complexities of an M&A transaction, work in teams and build a network with students from other universities in Finland and Sweden.

The NBLA 2017 will take place from January to April 2017, over four sessions in two countries, and the application period opens on 6 October 2016.
Stay tuned for more information.

6 July 2016

The first ever Nordic Business Law Academy (NBLA) was kicked off in February 2016. In all, four sessions were arranged during the spring and approximately 30 law students from Sweden and Finland participated in this year's NBLA. The goal of the NBLA is to give the participating students an insight into the real-life work at a business law firm and the program is built around an authentic and challenging case study.

The application for NBLA 2017 will open 6th of October and in the meantime we wish you all a great, warm and sunny summer with a video from the good times at NBLA 2016!


11 May 2016

Yesterday the last session of the NBLA was held. This time all participants gathered in Finland for the closing of the case study. It was a day filled with hard work, intense negotiations and an impressive signing and closing ceremony but also a lot of fun times and laughter!

6 April 2016

Yesterday it was time for the third session of the NBLA and the work on the case study continued. The day included intense cross border negotiations as well as drafting of the documents.


14 March 2016

Last week it was time for the second session of the NBLA. The work on the case study continued and the participants also took part in an external presentation focusing on personal development.


17 February 2016

The first ever NBLA session!
The first day of the first Nordic Business Law Academy by Roschier took place yesterday. 30 students from Finland and Sweden gathered in our Stockholm office to kick off the NBLA season. The schedule for the day included client presentations, management presentations and intensive sessions working in teams. One important aspect of the NBLA is to offer participants a broad network of both Roschier lawyers and other students, the program including a team-building exercise and mingling opportunities.

2 February 2016

The final countdown
Only two weeks to go until we launch the Nordic Business Law Academy by Roschier (NBLA)! On 16 February we will be welcoming 30 students to Stockholm for the first-ever session of the NBLA. For this and the three additional sessions that will be held during the spring, we have prepared a challenging case study, inviting the selected participants to apply their legal knowledge in a simulated real-life setting. Roschier lawyers & client representatives will be there to share their experience and guide the students.

11 December 2015

Selections for the NBLA have been now made – thank you for your interest and stay tuned for the NBLA 2017!

11 November 2015

Five more days... The deadline for applications is on 15 November. Don't miss the opportunity. Apply now!

If you have any questions about the application or the program,
don't hesitate to contact us.

5 November 2015

The dates for Nordic Business Law Academy (NBLA) 2016 have been released. The case-study sessions will take place on:

  • 16 February (for everyone)
  • 8 March (for Finnish participants) / 11 March (for Swedish participants)
  • 5 April (for everyone)
  • 10 May (for everyone)

You will be able to interact with your team members and other participants between sessions, but most of the program will take place on these four occasions.
And remember – one of the sessions will be held abroad – in Finland for Swedish students and in Sweden for Finnish students.

2 October 2015

Roschier is launching Nordic Business Law Academy (NBLA) in February 2016, aimed at the most ambitious law students in Finland and Sweden. The NBLA is both challenging and rewarding, and (most of all) helps talented students on their way to their dream careers. The students chosen for the program will gain essential real-world skills, an understanding of the client's perspective and a valuable advantage in the job market.

The NBLA is about learning from the best in the business by immersing oneself in the client's business reality and working on an authentic case study together with fellow students and Roschier's lawyers in Sweden and Finland. Additionally, inspiring talks from various experts will help the participants to develop personally and as future professionals.

Read more about the program and its benefits here.

We would be delighted if you would apply. And be quick - the deadline for applications is 15 November 2015.