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As our client, our focus is always on you and on your legal needs. We are a dedicated and trusted partner who will go the extra mile. We provide in-depth advice on a wide range of matters, and our practices are consistently ranked top-tier in national and Nordic as well as international surveys.



We use our practical approach, international experience and track record of large-scale transactions to assist our clients in succeeding in large ICT projects. We work closely with our clients to get the best commercial agreement and to make sure that all parties involved understand the agreement in the same way.

Our experienced and skilled lawyers acknowledge that technology contracts happen in the real world, where money goes out and deliverables come in. Negotiating the best result for our clients means understanding their business imperatives and the technology itself.

We have a large team of ICT experts, many of them with in-house experience at technology companies. Our lawyers handle software licensing and open source software cases. Service agreements, outsourcing, data protection and regulatory issues are other areas that we deal with frequently. We also have experience with large-scale ICT infrastructure projects, during which the ICT lawyers work closely with colleagues who specialize in financing and construction projects.

Our lawyers have negotiated high-profile ICT contracts with large companies in cities ranging from Tokyo to San Francisco. We have the expertise, the skills and the muscle to handle ICT negotiations at the highest level.

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