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As our client, our focus is always on you and on your legal needs. We are a dedicated and trusted partner who will go the extra mile. We provide in-depth advice on a wide range of matters, and our practices are consistently ranked top-tier in national and Nordic as well as international surveys.


Automotive & Transport

We advise on all aspects of the transportation sector. It is a diverse sector with a wide variety of players: rail operators, airlines, car manufacturers and distributors, shipping lines, financiers, logistics companies, and suppliers of a bewildering array of parts and goods. Each segment of the transport sector faces its own specific challenges.

A successful automotive industry provides jobs not just for skilled engineers and production line workers, but for a huge range of professionals in related sectors, from distributors, retailers and designers to the suppliers of specialized parts and products. With governments across the region keen to claim a stake in the growing electric car sector, with its need for high-tech components, we can expect significant investment and hot competition.

We offer a breadth of expertise to help with any challenge you might face. As one of the largest firms in the region, with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki and a vast network across the globe, we combine market-leading corporate, commercial and financing expertise with industry-specific skills in competition, state aid and employment. Our well-publicized work on major projects is an indicator of our deep commitment to the sector.

Main contacts

Niklas Östman 
Kristian Hugmark 
Partner, Head of Stockholm office