Career news | December 20, 2019

Teamwork is key according to Roschier’s Office Support

Teamwork is one of Roschier's core values. It is also strongly emphasized in the one-firm approach and shows throughout the firm. Our Office Support work in a close-knit team consisting of people who share our commitment to outstanding service. We had a chat with Eveliina, Iiris and Jussi on how they experience teamwork in the Office Support team.

Iiris explains that the majority of tasks are carried out as a team and that the strength lies exactly therein.

“Working as an Office Support, teamwork is essential for the functioning of the team”, she points out.

“We organize our daily schedules together as a team based on tasks we receive from our lawyers. Everyone has always been keen to help since day one and you never need to struggle alone with challenging tasks” Jussi adds.

With a diverse team consisting of people in different stages of their studies and e.g. varied language skills the team has greater knowledge and strengths to perform tasks.

“Because of different skillsets it’s easy to solve problems together and you can always rely on the support of others”, Eveliina comments. Iiris also strongly feels that the mix of skills creates a wholesome and successful team.

Eveliina finds the best part of working in a team to be the inspiring environment.

“It’s nice to come to work knowing you can share the day with our great Office Support team. Working as a team towards common goals is rewarding”, she continues.

As a final remark, Jussi adds that he enjoys the good and relaxed atmosphere at the desk and likes having a job alongside his studies.

“I feel that working with a great bunch of talented people gives me a good counterbalance to studies at the uni,” he concludes.

Does a collaborative and fun work environment sound interesting? Would you like to be a part of the Office Support team in 2020? Send in your application through our careers site by Sunday 29 December. We look forward to your application!