Firm news | March 26, 2018

Roschier supports Dream Challenge 2018

Roschier continues to support A Million Minds, an independent organization that aims to help young people in urban areas in Sweden develop their dreams and reach their full potential and capacity, something that Roschier wants to encourage.

Roschier will primarily be involved in A Million Minds Dream Challenge project, a motivational competition in which young people aged 13-16 compete with their business ideas. The aim of the project is to help more young people in urban areas qualify for upper secondary education and invest in their future.

Roschier will support Dream Challenge by providing a number of volunteers that will help out in the challenge as motivators. The motivators will support the participants by providing them with the tools, support and motivation needed to help them develop their business ideas, plan their future and succeed in the challenge.

Roschier’s motivators will participate in the Dream Challenge competition and meet with 8th and 9th graders in two different schools during the spring.