Roschier staff member voted as Talent of the year by the Finnish Bar Association

Awards & rankings|April 15, 2024

Each year, the Finnish Bar Association organizes a voting for the talent of the year and chooses the winner from among the nominees. As in previous years numerous individuals received nominations, and we’d like to extend our congratulations to each one of them. However, this year the spotlight shines brightest on Ameer. Since his initial internship at Roschier in 2016, Ameer has experienced remarkable growth, evolving into a great role model and go-to person for a constantly changing OSHD team of some 15 persons.

Ameer’s journey at Roschier spans nearly eight years, a period in which he’s found great satisfaction in his career. Ameer’s daily responsibilities include overseeing everything in the office, from the smallest details to major projects, ensuring safety, and guiding interns. It’s a juggling act of significant responsibility. Yet, despite his remarkable track record he shifts the focus to his team saying nothing would be possible without them. When asked, Ameer can’t recall any very difficult situations, which is a testimony to his skills and those of his team. One of Ameer’s most memorable memories was an unexpected lunch invitation by a senior partner shortly after starting his career, underscoring the supportive atmosphere at Roschier.