Roschier represents lead investor Solidium in a convertible bond investment in satellite imaging company ICEYE

Recent work|April 29, 2024

Roschier represents lead investor Solidium in ICEYE’s convertible bond financing round.

ICEYE, a high-growth technology company, operates in the field of designing, manufacturing, and selling SAR-based satellites. It also offers satellite imaging data, analytics, and related solutions. Solidium’s  EUR 40 million investment in ICEYE’s convertible bond, which represens approximately half of the amounts raised in this financing round, marks Solidium’s first investment in a non-listed company in accordance with its updated strategy.

ICEYE continues to observe significant growth, having finished 2023 with over EUR 95 million in revenue as it progresses towards profitability. Currently, ICEYE has approximately 600 employees, a large share of whom are based in Finland.

Roschier’s advisory team is comprised Antti Ihamuotila, Tero Jormanainen, Pinja Liikanen, Edith Kautto, Ami Paanajärvi, and Susanna Nisso.