Events | November 29, 2018

Roschier partners up with the University of Helsinki for the Roschier Energy Lectures in Helsinki and Vaasa

Roschier continues its valuable cooperation with the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law by offering for the second time lectures on energy law for students and representatives of the business community.

The first set of lectures was kicked off in September 2017, and the second set is due to start in January 2019. The lectures will host experienced speakers, including Professor of Energy Law Kim Talus (University of Helsinki) and Roschier’s experts Aapo Saarikivi, Toni Siimes, Laura Huomo, Shirin Saif and Miikka Konttinen, and will be focusing on claims management and disputes in large-scale energy projects. The lectures, held on 9 and 10 January in Helsinki and Vaasa respectively, will be offered as a part of the university program, and the students participating will be entitled to study credits.

“We are very happy to continue our collaboration with the University of Helsinki on such a topical area as energy law. Energy law is an increasingly significant area of law both in Europe and internationally and this cooperation between us, the business community, and the university is a great opportunity to support each other. We are delighted to give students access to areas of practice which have traditionally not been part of their studies,” comments Aapo Saarikivi, partner responsible for the project at Roschier.

“Energy law in Finland is a young but rapidly growing area of research and education. With today’s changes and challenges in this area of law and business, it is hard to imagine a more important topic,” says Kim Talus, Professor of Energy Law at the University of Helsinki.

“Our cooperation with Roschier focuses on the practical aspects of energy law and provides students with information on issues and question they will undoubtedly face once out of the law school,” he continues. “Given that energy industry is one of largest industries worldwide, many students will come into contact with legal questions in this area. From personal perspective, I might add that those who get lucky, will run into the fascinating but complicated area of energy litigation.”

The Roschier Energy Lectures series will also be available by invitation to representatives from the business community. If you are interested in participating, click here for the details.

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