Career news | October 28, 2019

“Roschier is the main reason I started studying law in the first place”

Are you a law student and interested in gaining experience from a business law firm already during your first semester? We are now looking to hire committed and service-minded Office Supports for spring 2020 in Stockholm. We had a chat with our Office Supports Vilma and Alva to gain some insight into what the role includes and what a normal day could look like.

What are the main tasks for an Office Support?

“Our main tasks are to assist lawyers and other members of our staff with day-to-day office and administrative tasks, such as processing, printing and compiling documents and prepare client project-related materials. We also help our Conference & Office team with conference services, such as preparing client meetings or events”, explains Alva.

What is the best thing about your job?

“I would say that the best thing is that you get to discover the world of business law early on in your studies,” says Vilma. “I agree, when I started studying, I didn’t really know which fields interested me, so working at Roschier has been very helpful for me, in order to understand what the different teams actually are doing, and what fields interest me the most”, explains Alva.

Both Vilma and Alva also really appreciate having been assigned a tutor (a lawyer) here at Roschier. “The tutor is super beneficial for me as a student. It’s like an extra mentor that I can ask questions about my studies or just talk to and learn from their experience”, comments Vilma.

Do you feel that it’s stressful to work alongside your studies?

“No, for me it’s actually the other way around, I find it relaxing to come to Roschier and work, it gives me a clear break from my studies, says Vilma”. Alva continues; “Yes, I agree. I also find myself more motivated to study when I know that I will be working the next day, probably because my brain realizes that now I really have to be time efficient in order to get things done before the exam”.

Why did you choose to work specifically at Roschier?

“Roschier is actually the main reason to why I started to study law in the first place. I used to work as an assistant, for approximately one year, and it made me realize that I also wanted to study law. When I informed my team as well as the HR-team that I had been accepted to the law program in Uppsala everyone was so happy for me, I clearly remember one partner who told me that ‘this is not a problem, this is an opportunity’, so for me it was an easy choice to apply to the Office Support program here at Roschier when I got the chance,” says Vilma.

“I applied to Roschier specifically because they are active and engaged in many student activities and events at the University and also because I had heard many good things about the firm from people who already work here” explains Alva.

Who should apply to the position?

“Everyone who studies law and is interested to know what it’s like to work at a business law firm should apply! It is a great complement to your studies, you get a great change to network and it is super fun,” says Alva and Vilma.

General info:

As an Office Support, you work one day per week and you choose whatever day suits you the best. First year law students can apply to the position.