Career news | April 12, 2023

Roschier is helping to build the future of the energy and infrastructure sectors

Working within the energy and infrastructure sector has never been more important, challenging or rewarding than it is today, as energy plays a vital role in shaping the future of our planet. Our Energy & Infrastructure practice in Sweden is hiring more associate lawyers and we asked Partner Björn Winström and Senior Associate Emelie Zellmer to tell us a bit about their work.

Describe your roles within the firm and your work in the energy sector?

Björn: “As a partner at Roschier, I’m responsible for the client delivery and leading our team. My focus during the last 20 years has been on the energy and infrastructure sector, where I advise clients on all types of projects from M&A transactions to green field developments.”

Emelie: “I’m a senior associate, and have been working with Björn for the past ten years. I work closely with clients within the energy and infrastructure space, both financial investors and industrial players. There is no typical project, the projects I’m leading vary from strategic transactions to large complex projects, but always with energy or infrastructure angles.”

Can you shed some light on the factors contributing to the growing interest in the energy and infrastructure sector?

Björn: “There are several key factors that make the energy and infrastructure sector a hot topic right now. First and foremost is the global push towards sustainability and combating climate change. Governments, businesses, and consumers are all looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and the energy and infrastructure sector plays a critical role in this transition.”

Emelie: “Another factor is the rapid advancements in technology that are reshaping the energy landscape. Innovations such as smart grids, energy storage solutions, and energy-efficient devices, create new opportunities and challenges for the sector. As a result, there’s a growing need for legal professionals who can navigate the complex regulatory and contractual issues that arise in this often fast-paced environment.”

Björn: “Additionally, geopolitics play a significant role in the energy sector. As countries become more aware of the need for energy independence and security, there’s a renewed focus on diversifying energy sources and investing in domestic infrastructure. This creates new business opportunities, as well as legal complexities, as cross-border transactions and partnerships become increasingly important. The need to combat climate change has effects far beyond the energy sector, take for example the development of fossil-free cement and steel. The development on the energy side creates a ripple effect on mines, ports, water, electricity grids, housing etcetera that needs to keep up with the development.”

Emelie: “Finally, the public’s awareness of the importance of sustainable energy is at an all-time high, which has translated into growing consumer demand for green products and services. Companies operating in the energy sector are under pressure to adapt and innovate, which in turn leads to more legal work in areas such as compliance, regulatory, and transactional matters.”

That is a lot to cover – how has Roschier adapted to these changes?

Björn: “Our firm has always been at the forefront of development, and the energy sector is no exception. We’ve been actively investing in building our expertise in energy and infrastructure-related issues for quite some time now.”

Emelie: “We also acknowledge that it’s not only our team that has the solutions for our clients, our practice group is truly cross-practice and cross-border utilizing the whole firms’ knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive legal advice to our clients.”

What kind of opportunities are there for new associates who are interested in joining us, particularly within the energy sector?

Emelie: “We offer a dynamic and stimulating work environment where you, no matter on what level you join, can gain valuable experience working on cutting-edge projects, high profile M&A and be a part of the green transition. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with experienced lawyers and be involved in various aspects of transactional work, from research and drafting to project leading and negotiations, all in close collaborations with our clients.”

Björn: “Additionally, we provide continuous professional development opportunities, such as internal and external training programs, to help our associates hone their skills and stay up to date with industry developments. We also promote a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and mentorship, ensuring that we all feel supported and can grow professionally.”

What qualities do you look for in potential candidates who want to join us and work in the energy sector?

Björn: “We look for candidates who are not only academically strong but also have a genuine interest in the intersection between energy, technology, and infrastructure and with a passion for problem-solving. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential, as well as the ability to work well in a team and being curious!”

Emelie: “Adaptability and resilience are also important qualities, as the energy sector is rapidly evolving, and we need to be able to respond to new challenges and opportunities quickly.  We also value candidates who can think creatively and bring fresh perspectives to our work and find solutions to our client’s problems.”