Firm news | December 12, 2019

Roschier brings Christmas spirit to young patients and their families

Our firm-wide annual seasonal donations are directed to the wellbeing of children and young people through our long-time charity partners The Association of Friends of the University Children's hospitals and The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.

Especially during Christmastime, our attention turns to young patients undergoing treatment, being hospitalized, or recovering from the most serious diseases.

In addition to supporting the organizations with funds for development and research, and initiatives to improve the comfort of the patients during their hospital stay, we contribute to cheering up the pediatric cancer ward at Nya Karolinska in Stockholm and the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki by hosting Christmas celebrations for children and their families.

Long-time commitment

The Christmas celebrations have been a dear tradition to us for a number of years. Roschier volunteers become Santa’s little helpers and bring Christmas presents and hats, arrange fun activities and spend time with the children, their families and the hospital personnel.

The festivities at the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki are co-hosted with The Association of Friends of the University Children’s hospitals (Lastenklinikoiden Kummit ry). The highlight of this year’s celebrations – in addition to Santa Claus paying a visit – was an arts and crafts station, where we crafted Christmas cards and decorations together with the children. Cuddly toys were distributed to the wards, to the patients unable to join the celebrations due to their condition.

In Stockholm, the celebrations are co-hosted with The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund (Barncancerfonden Stockholm Gotland). The event at Nya Karolinska is arranged as a much-appreciated Christmas dinner for children and their families affected by pediatric cancer. Traditionally, the celebrations include decorating the Christmas tree, face paintings for the children, and naturally a visit by Roschier’s own Santa Claus and his helpers.

Every year, some presents are also set aside to be given to children admitted to the hospitals during the holidays.

Lastenklinikoiden Kummit ry (The Association of Friends of the University Children’s hospitals) is a charitable organization supporting the five Finnish university children’s hospitals and one of our most long-term charity partners.

Barncancerfonden Stockholm Gotland is a regional charitable association of The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. It is a non-profit organization that works with children and families affected by cancer, helping them create happy memories and providing support when needed.