Roschier's Christmas card

Firm news | December 19, 2023

Roschier brings Christmas spirit to young patients

This Christmastime, we continue a cherished tradition at Roschier – directing donations to our long-time charity partners Barncancerfonden Stockholm Gotland (The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund) and Lastenklinikoiden Kummit ry (the Association of Friends of the University Children's hospitals).

In addition to donating funds, we have a tradition of bringing Christmas spirit to the children’s hospitals. Every year in December, the young patients at Nya Karolinska are treated to a Christmas party with a meal, face-painting activities and a visit by Roschier’s Santa Claus, who delivers Christmas presents.

At Uusi lastensairaala in Helsinki, we co-host a similar Christmas celebration together with Kummit ry for children and their families. The celebrations include activities such as arts and crafts and pond fishing, with surprise presents arranged by Roschier’s very own elves.

Long-lasting commitment

Christmas celebrations have been a tradition dear to us for several years now. Roschier volunteers become Santa’s little helpers and bring Christmas presents and hats, arrange fun activities and spend time with the children and their families as well as the hospital personnel.

The mission of Barncancerfonden Stockholm Gotland is to improve the comfort of young patients during their hospital stay and provide support to families affected by pediatric cancer. An important initiative that we have supported since 2014 is Supersnöret, which allows each child to create his or her own unique string of beads, where every bead represents a different step in the treatment. With the help of the string, it is easier for the child to understand what the treatment involves and to explain it to friends, grandparents, teachers, etc. Other initiatives include welcome kits for newly admitted young patients.

Kummit ry is one of our pro bono partners. The organization supports the five university children’s hospitals in Finland by raising funds for the best possible care of young patients suffering from the most serious diseases. Since its foundation in 1993, the association has provided some 42 million euro of funding for new medical equipment, development projects and childhood disease research. In recent years, the association has also placed significant attention on the mental health of children and adolescents.