Firm news | October 4, 2022

Prospera Law Firm Review for Sweden 2022: Roschier climbed to number 2 in the Tier 1A category

Clients in the category Tier 1A, the largest purchasers of legal services, rank us as number 2 in Sweden. In the overall ranking, All Tier 1, Roschier maintains its place as number 3, for the fifth year in a row.

The Prospera Law Firm Review divides the survey respondents into two categories, depending on the amount of money spent on legal fees during the past year. The Tier 1A category comprises large organizations, with a minimum fee volume past year of SEK 8 million. The All Tier 1 category comprises organizations with a minimum fee volume of SEK 2 million.

Tier 1A clients evaluate Roschier as the best in the market in seven categories; Legal advisory, Business minded, Client understanding, Personal contacts, Availability & services, Project staffing and Project management.

KANTAR SIFO Prospera surveys and ranks banks, finance institutions and law firms based on customer assessments. Participants in the current All Tier 1 Law Firm Review survey included CEOs, CFOs and general counsel from 215 major companies and organizations in Sweden. The Tier 1A survey included 89 organizations in the Swedish market. The interviewees evaluated Roschier and 14 other business law firms based on criteria such as strategic partnership, legal advisory, specialist expertise and business orientation, but also other factors such as competitive fees, project management and availability. This year, the new category Digital tools and services has been added.

The survey was carried out as combined telephone interviews and e-mail questionnaires, between 16 June and 20 September 2022.