Pontus Enquist

Firm news | December 20, 2023

Pontus Enquist elected board member at the Swedish Securities Council

Pontus Enquist is a partner at Roschier and Office Head at the Stockholm office. He was recently elected as a board member of the committee.

The Swedish Securities Council (Aktiemarknadsnämnden) is one of several bodies within the Association for Generally Accepted Principles in the Securities Market. The goal is for the Swedish securities market to be one of the most well-functioning, sustainable and highly trusted markets in Europe. Therefore, the association drives relevant future issues that contribute to an ‘effective, healthy and strong securities market, which in turn positively contributes to business and society.’

What is the Swedish Securities Council and what role does it play in the Swedish stock market?

“Crucial, I would say. We work to maintain good practices on the Swedish stock market. As an independent committee focused on self-regulation, we provide statements, advice and information that strengthen market integrity. Our role includes reviewing and guiding complex issues, especially in the areas of public acquisitions and takeover activities. Through the committee’s work, we ensure that market participants act in accordance with both established norms and legal frameworks, which is crucial for maintaining trust and transparency in the market.”

What does it mean for companies and shareholders?

“In practice, it means that we assess and comment on various actions and decisions affecting the stock market, such as public takeover offers, incentive programs, share issues and changes in the company’s bylaws. We ensure that these actions follow good practice and align with the applicable regulatory framework. Our work contributes to maintaining trust and transparency in the market.”

What will you contribute to the work?

“I hope to contribute my legal expertise and experience to further strengthen the committee’s role in promoting a healthy and effective stock market. My goal is for us to continue to be proactive and adaptable, especially in light of increased EU regulation, and to ensure that the Swedish market remains one of the most trusted and sustainable in Europe.”

About the Swedish Securities Council

The committee operates completely independently within the Association for Generally Accepted Principles in the Securities Market. Other bodies within the Association include the Securities Market Self-Regulatory Committee, the College for Swedish Corporate Governance, the Committee for Swedish Accounting Supervision and the Council for Sustainability and Financial Reporting.

Members and financiers of the Association for Generally Accepted Principles in the Securities Market are:

  • Securities Market Companies Association
  • FAR
  • Fund Companies Association
  • Association of Institutional Owners
  • Nasdaq Stockholm
  • Swedish Insurance
  • Swedish Bankers Association
  • Association of the Swedish Securities Market
  • Confederation of Swedish Enterprise