Insights | May 16, 2022

Päätös – A podcast collaboration about decision-making processes

Analyzing how decisions are made means better and more conscious decisions, but there is still surprisingly little discussion about the dynamics of decision-making. Katja Boxberg and Samppa Vilkuna, authors of the acclaimed book Päätös (2021), are back with a podcast about business leaders' decision-making processes.

All decision-makers can benefit from opening up the process of how decisions are made. This can be concluded from the widespread interest for the book Päätös (Eng. Decisions) when it was published in November 2021. In the book, 17 Finnish top executives share their views on decision-making, providing insights for example on the following questions: How are decisions made in our organization? What do different types of decisions (about people, investments etc.) demand of the decision-maker? What types of decisions are the most difficult to make? How can we bounce back from decisions that turned out to be wrong?

“In the podcast, we will dive even deeper into the processes of decision-making. Some of the interviewees from the book will participate, and some discussion partners are new,” explains Katja Boxberg, co-author of Päätös and experienced business reporter.

“We are very excited about the podcast and our guests. We have invited really high-level decision-makers and we are convinced that the discussions will be excellent, says the other co-author Samppa Vilkuna, CEO of marketing communications agency Superson.

The podcast Päätös (Decisions) is produced with the support of Roschier. So far, six episodes (in Finnish) have been planned, all of them airing before the end of June. Among the guests are board professional Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae, KONE Corporation’s Chair of the Board Antti Herlin, St1 owner Mika Anttonen and Sanoma’s CEO Susan Duinhoven.

In the future, there might be a continuation of both the book and the podcast.

“The subject has generated so much interest that we will surely continue with the project. The book Päätös is unique also from an international viewpoint, which means we might take the concept to a larger audience. There is also the possibility that the Päätös podcast continues after this initial six-episode production,” concludes Samppa Vilkuna.